The Awards Banquet and Ice Cream Party will be 10am till noon on Saturday Nov 17th at the Maritime Hall inside the Halifax Forum (corner of Windsor and Almond St).  ALL full series members are invited to attend BUT you HAVE to register at Race Roster before Nov 14th.  Certificates will be printed only for those registered as well as only those runners who attended 5 or more races. 


The results for Scary Beazley plus FINAL school and team results have been updated!!  The Accumulated spread sheet has now been posted (updated Nov 11).


The Aerobics First Race day winners are:

       Storm the Park - 

         Free Sneakers - Sam Martin

         $50 coupons - Ryan Norse and Emma Quinton


       Hit the Marc - 

         Free Sneakers - Gavin Grimm

         $50 coupons - Kylie Buchanan and Kinsly Bennett


       Aerobics First Gorsebrook Hill Run - 

         Free Sneakers - Patrick Bowes

         $50 coupons - Jacqueline Serieys and Siona Chisholm


       Super Shubie 

         Free Sneakers - Joshua LeBlanc

         $50 coupons - Mason Anderson and Katherine Lowe


       Giant Picnic Runganza - 

         Free Sneakers - Kira Tibbo

         $50 coupons - Sam Bragg and Sonny Adams


       MacPass Miles - 

         Free Sneakers - Ezra Eastwood

         $50 coupons - Thomas Bowes and Lauren Sanford


       Wear Pink Track - 

         Free Sneakers - Ruby Harris

         $50 coupons - Jackson Keough and Elizabeth O'Neill


       Trail Mayhem - 

         Free Sneakers - Jack Burke

         $50 coupons - Alexander Williams and Ewan MacDonald



The Full Series Membership is now CLOSED.


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