~~~~~Happy 20th Anniversary to YRS~~~~~


The next YRS race is on August 14th at 8am.  It is the Kids Navy Run at the Navy 10k event.  There are two distances in the kids race (1.25 and 2.5km). However, participation points will be given for the 5km and 10km race as well. So, register for which ever distance is right for your runner. 

ALL FULL SERIES MEMBERS HAVE TO REGISTER for this event with the promo codes on the poster.



Results for the Giant Picnic Runganza are posted. Congratulations to all runners!


The winners of the sneakers from Aerobics First are Abby Cochrane (A1 race) & Charlie Bisson (Truro)


The winners of the $50 A1 Money are

1. Beckett Nadeau (A1 race) & Elise Bowen (Truro)

2. Britt Drysdale (A1 race) & Griffin Gamble (Truro)

3. Alana Mercier & Aiden Roney (Truro)

***All winners can pick up their prizes at their next attended race 


Here is the list of the first 200 Full Series Registrants who will receive the 20th Anniversary Buff (photo) at the Super Shubie race (or which ever race is next attended).  Remember only two per family membership are given out. There will be a limited number of extra Buffs for purchase for $10.              

*****Remember to follow YRS on FB and Twitter.


                ****NEW TO 2016 SEASON****


More team money will be awarded this season. The top 3 teams will receive money as will any team with at least 50 points. 


The School Participation Challenge will remain the same.


Distances are changing for the Midget/Youth category to 2.2 km instead of 3km. 


Lastly, there will be parent races at the Aerobics First Gorsebrook Hill Run as well as the Wear Pink Track Event.



Some NOTES about the overall points:

1. You need to be a YRS member. Click here to read more about membership.

2.  Participation points are awarded with placement points. Participation points are awarded everytime a YRS member competes in an event. 5 points are awarded for each event. For placement points, the best 5 out of 10 races will be tabulated at the end of the season. MORE points the better!! This gives all YRS members a chance to get a trophy or medal at the end of the YRS season.

Any questions or issues, please contact Leah.

Please NOTE - Deadline for becoming a full series member is June 28th, 2016


NOTE - School Participation Challenge points are counted whether the child is a YRS member or not. Any child that shows up from a school will receive points towards the school participation challenge.




PROMOTING Healthy Living with EXERCISE for our YOUTH

Looking for parents to help promote YRS races in your area and school. If you need any marketing information to hand out, please contact Leah - email:

Track and Field Clubs

If you are interested in getting your kids into a track and field club check out this link:
Track and Field Club in Nova Scotia



Last Update:  July 2016



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