The results have been updated for the Aerobics First Gorsebrook Hill Run. Thanks again to all of the close to 500 kids who ran as well as to their amazing parents (many of which participated in the parent run!)



Super Shubie is Saturday June 23rd once again at the baseball fields at the back of the Shubie Park Campground.  Registration opens at 8:30 and closes at 10:30am. The Tykes go at 10am, followed by Midget/Youth, Mosquito, PW and Bantams. Any non Full Series members can sign up for this one race on TRACKIE by Friday June 22rd at 6pm. Same day registrations are accepted BUT results of those runners WILL NOT be tracked.


The Aerobics First Race day winners are:

       Storm the Park - 

         Free Sneakers - Sam Martin

         $50 coupons - Ryan Norse and Emma Quinton


       Hit the Marc - 

         Free Sneakers - Gavin Grimm

         $50 coupons - Kylie Buchanan and Kinsly Bennett


       Aerobics First Gorsebrook Hill Run - 

         Free Sneakers - Patrick Bowes

         $50 coupons - Jacqueline Serieys and Siona Chisholm


The Full Series Membership is now CLOSED.


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