Past Results

Here are the race results for 2013 and before. We have linked PDF files for all results, so just click any of the links to open these files and see the results. Thanks to everyone for their participation and support!

Previous Results

2015 Results
2014 Results
2014 Results

2013 Results
2012 Results
2011 Results

2010 Results

2009 Results

2008 Results

2007 Results

2006 Results

2005 Results

2015 Race Results


Race #1  (Mini Benny) - Individual Results 

Race #2  (Hit the MARC) - Individual Results 

Race #3 (Aerobics First Gorsebrook Hill Run) - Individual Results

Race #4 (Storm the Park) - Individual Results

Race #5 (Giant Picnic Runganza) - Individual Results

Race #6 (Dartmouth Natal Day 2 Miler) - Individual Results

Race #7 (Wear Pink Track) - Individual Results **updated Oct 21**

Race #8 (Glow on the O) - Individual Results  **updated Oct21**

Race #9 (Valley Harvest) - Full Series Members only results

Race #10 (Scary Beazley) - Individual Results

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Accumulated Points per Age Category:

Point Results for ALL FULL SERIES MEMBERS     **UPDATE for 2015 season**

Please note - It is the best of FIVE races that are used to calculate the year end results.  


Capital Health School Participation:

Results after Race #10  Congratulations to Bois Joli for winning the School Participation challenge at the Scary Beazley. The plaques for both Glow and Scary will be awarded at the Banquet.


Aerobics First Team Challenge:

Here are the top Team results. Congratulations to the Kingfishers Youth Running Team for once again winning with a whopping 27 of their 32 members participating at Scary Beazley.



Previous Years Results

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